Welcome to Class!

A cheery welcome to you!

My name is Pamela Hickein. I will be your instructor in this class. 25+ years working with Right Brain Education, teaching bright young children, training incredibly passionate teachers, and establishing right brain learning centers and schools across the globe have given me a unique perspective. And that is this: love is the key to an acceleration of learning for this planet.

Right brain education is just as much an acceleration of the heart as it is of the mind. Any right-brain learning has to involve love and respect of the child. You cannot reach the bountiful riches of the mind without love and care.

Love is the key to the alpha wave state. Alpha relaxation is the key that unlocks the door to the subconscious/unconscious mind. And in order to reach this state, a child needs to feel trust, kindness, happiness and joy-based peace. This course will help you determine what that state feels like for you, how to achieve it, how to sustain it through a regular routine—and then we'll show you how to incorporate that into your classroom or home.

In this course, there are 22 exercises, divided into 4 weeks. You can follow this time table, or create a faster or slower one on your own. Either way, we hope that you enjoy getting to know the great peace that this program is meant to be based upon.



PS: Before you begin, please do download the FREE BONUS ebook below. It will give you a important background information about who we are, our brand of Montessori-inspired Right Brain Education, how to set up a right brain classroom, as well as how to create a positive emotional climate through your thoughts, words and actions.

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