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Streaming Video Flashcards for Your Child: Lesson 1 to 48

Make the most of your child's early years with flashcards.

From Our Hearts to Yours. TweedleWink is a right brain early learning program designed to maximize your child’s natural sponge-like learning state, beginning from birth. Your child can easily absorb information in less than ten minutes a day — quickly, joyfully, without any stress. The purpose of our program is to provide high-quality input for the subconscious mind, in short & sweet visual lessons, leaving the rest of the day open for movement, discovery, exploration and PLAY!

TweedleWink Flashcards To Go are designed to give rich audiovisual input while your child’s mind is in its most receptive, absorbent right brain state. We believe that anything given to a child during this time of life — information cards, classical music, world languages, and most importantly, your unconditional love — will create neural connections that are foundational for lifelong intelligence and emotional well-being.

All subjects in every lesson!

Each lesson is carefully designed.

Rich information. Here's what you and your child will see...

  • Positive Affirmations — to imprint the emotional message that your child is well-loved
  • Visual Tracking — to stimulate eye movement
  • Art — to see life creatively through an artist’s perspective
  • Science — to absorb basic concepts of biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc.
  • World Cultures — to create awareness and connection to people around the world
  • Speed Reading Readiness — to keep your child’s right brain quick intake of text open and active
  • Perfect Pitch — to introduce the specific musical frequencies to the brain
  • Vocabulary Builders — to expand neurological links in your child’s brain with pictures and words
  • Math — to expose your child to math quantities, geometric patterns and equations
  • Phonics — to input the basic English sound syllables for reading confidence
  • Word Building — to teach your child how words are formed
  • Whole Words — to encourage early sight word recognition
  • Visual Stimulation — to nourish your child’s eyes with strong color and black-and-white contrast
  • Poetry — to enhance your child’s auditory pathway with rich samples of the spoken
  • Alpha Wave Music — to bring your child’s brain into a receptive alpha wave state

A gentle pace. When we present the flashcards on the video lessons, we present them at a rate of about 1 second per card. This rate is gentle to the body — specifically, the heart, brain and central nervous system.

Thousands of cards to create strong neural connections! The complete TweedleWink Lesson Series contains 48 weeks of flashcards lessons—which can be played each year, renewing connections in the brain with new experiences and understanding.

start • Month 1-3, including: Lessons 1-12

grow • Month 4-6, including: Lesson 13-24

play • Month 7-9, including: Lesson 25-36

fly • Month 10-12, including: Lesson 37-48

Short and sweet. Each full lesson is less than 8 minutes long. These lessons are designed for busy parents who do not have time to make or give physical flashcards with various subjects.

Quick video exposure. 8 minutes. That’s all. That leaves the rest of the day free for lots of fun activities and loving interaction with your child.

48 Lessons, 1 Full Year of Gentle Enrichment!

Systematically expose your child to a wide range of subjects, month after month. Repeat each year to reawaken past input, and build new connections to your child's developing brain.

Start • What's in Month 1-3?

We pack a lot into each lesson! The first 12 lessons include these subjects:

Art—Origami, Monet, Roerich, Madonna and Child Iconography, Homer, Karlsen, Persian Carpets, Renoir, Matisse, Hopi Pottery, Van Gogh, Tiffany Stained Glass

Science—The Solar System, Parts of an Atom, The Golden Ratio, Platonic Solids, Parts of a Flower, Systems of the Body, Layers of the Earth, Invertebrates, Parts of a Plant Cell, The Periodic Table, Elements 1-10, Cloud Formations

World Cultures—Mexico, France, Japan, Egypt, Spain, Kenya, Canada, Peru, USA, Australia, Italy, Argentina

Perfect Pitch—12 notes (middle C to B, or 261.63 Hz to 493.88 Hz)

Vocabulary Boosters—Colors, Clothing, Oceans and Continents, Parts of the Body, Parts of the Face, Shapes, Table Setting, Opposites, Nature, Furniture, Musical Instruments, Vegetables, Fruits, Pets, School Supplies, Rooms in a House, Weather, Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Home Appliances, Cooking Tools, Sewing Tools, Carpentry Tools, Cleaning Tools, Family Members, Feelings, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Actions, Playground Equipment, Flowers, Personal Care, Occupations

Math Spots—Math Quantities 1-60

Language—Phonics (a-z), Beginning Phonograms, Beginning Word Building with Phonics, 120 sight words

Poetry—Browning, More, Shakespeare, Wesley, Tao Te Ching, Tennyson, Stevenson, Rossetti, Coatsworth, Milne, Frost, Lindsay

Speed Reading Readinessflashing text from a collection of simple rhymes (original works)

Grow • What's in Month 4-6?

Lessons 13 to 24 include these subjects:

ArtMichelangelo, Mosaics, Vermeer, Bronze Sculptures, da Vinci, Dolls Around the World, Goya, Seeded Beadwork, Cezanne, Tibetan Art, Gauguin, China Patterns

ScienceNorthern Constellations, Periodic Table of the Elements: 11-40, Biomes, Parts of an Insect, Southern Constellations, Famous Scientists, The Water Cycle, Types of Stars, Weather Symbols, World Rivers

World CulturesChina, India, England, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Sudan, Scotland, Germany, Brazil, Ireland, Thailand

Perfect PitchC (523.25 Hz), 2-Note Comparisons

Vocabulary BoostersWild Animals, Deciduous Trees, Prepared Food, Time Pieces, Optical Instruments, US Currency, Types of Houses, Desserts, Birds, Fish, Air Vehicles, Water Vehicles, Cattle, Nature (Beach, Snowy Mountain, Desert, Forest), Reptiles, Mystical Creatures, Art Supplies, Garden Tools

Math SpotsMath Quantities 61-100, Beginning Skip Counting

LanguagePhonograms, Word Building with Phonics, 120 sight words

PoetryShakespeare, Frost, Farjean, Rumi, Fyleman, Link, Shantideva, Morley, Field, Nash, Behn

Speed Reading Readinessflashing text from Aesop's Fable

Play • What's in Month 7-9?

Lessons 25 to 36 include these subjects:

Art—Manet, Wood Carvings, Botticelli, Knitting Patterns, Rembrandt, Paper Airplanes, Seurat, Topiaries, Pissarro, Prehistoric Cave Paintings, Cassatt, Celtic Knots

Science—Parts of an Animal Cell, Carbon-Oxygen Cycle, The Periodic Table Elements 41-60, Vertebrates, Phases of the Moon, Ocean Currents and Gyres, Sound Waves, Fractals, Deserts of the World, The Rock Cycle, Photosynthesis

World Cultures—Portugal, Russia, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria, Iran, Chile, Namibia

Perfect Pitch—c scale, 2-note comparisons, 3-note comparisons

Vocabulary Boosters—Insects, Leaf shapes, Seasons, Rescue Vehicles, Street Signs, Uniforms, Shells, Carpentry Hardware, Conifer Trees, Kitchen Spices and Herbs, Baby Animals, Famous Architecture, Passageways, Parts of a Bicycle, Rocks and Minerals, Fruit Trees, Color Hues, Community Buildings, Dinosaurs, Toys and Games, Healing Herbs, Dog Breeds, Countries of the World (North and Central America, American Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, Northern Europe)

Math Spots—Skip Counting Forward, Skip Counting Backward

Language—Word Building with Phonics and Consonant Digraphs, 120 sight words

Poetry—Farjean, Dickenson, Psalms, Bynner, Field, Millay, Shakespeare, Hickey, Field, Alcott, Teasdale, Rumi

Speed Reading Readinessflashing text from a collection of work by Charles Dickens and Beatrix Potter

Fly • What's in Month 10-12?

The final 12 lessons include these subjects:

Art—Degas, Hindu Sacred Art, Raphael, Cake Decoration, Rossetti, Ink Paintings by Tani Buncho, Landseer, Quilt Patterns, Thai Fruit Carving, Vigée-Lebrun, Hokusai, Askevold

Science—World Climates, Period Table Elements 61-70, World Mountain Ranges, Conifer Seed Cycle, Light, The Food Pyramid, The Nitrogen Cycle, Energy, Heat and Matter, The Food Chain, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonic Plates, Newton's Laws and Simple Machines

World Cultures—Ethiopia, Romania, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Finland, South Korea, Greece, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Norway, Saudi Arabia

Perfect Pitch—chords, intervals, flats/sharps, simple compositions, classical music samples by Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and Vivaldi

Vocabulary Boosters—Layers of the Atmosphere, Types of Rockets, Manned Orbital Spacecraft, Planetary Exploration, Types of Satellites, Reading Media, Parts of a Computer, Parts of a Bird, Horse Breeds, Legumes, Vegetable Oils, Household Linens, First Aid Kit, Firefighting Equipment, Fishing Gear, Whales, Sharks, Life Cycles of a Frog and Butterfly,Renewable and Non-renewable Energy, Telling Time, Months of the Year, Compass Directions, Frogs, Turtles, Sea Turtles, Marine Life, Types of Grain, Animal Tracks, Domestic Cats, Countries of the World (Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Central/Southern Asia, The Middle East, Oceania)

Math Spots—Skip Counting Backwards, Equations

Language—Word building with "Silent e", Sentence Building, 120 sight words

Poetry—Tennyson, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Hugo, Longfellow, Whitman, Kipling, Psalms, Shelley, Frost, Corinthians, Tagore

Speed Reading Readinessflashing text from a collection of work by Beatrix Potter

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Your Instructor

Pamela Sue Hickein
Pamela Sue Hickein

Pamela is the creator of the TweedleWink and Wink: Right Brain Education programs. Known fondly as “the mother of right brain education,” she has been happily sharing her unique form of Montessori-inspired right brain education with teachers and parents for almost 30 years.

Pamela believes that heart-based playful learning is vital not only for right brain development, but for lifelong health and happiness as well. When embraced, right brain thinking becomes a way of living, not just learning. Pamela has used these methods with children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech delays, ADD, ADHD, CP, DS, and various forms of autism. She has also successfully blended right-brain techniques with homeschool curricula and gifted learning programs.

Pamela has written numerous books and learning curricula, including:

  • Right Brain Education: Changing the World One Heart at a Time
  • TweedleWink Gentle Early Right Brain Enrichment Program: Prenatal to Preschool
  • Right Brain Activation: A Right Brain Tune-Up For Adults
  • Wink: Right Brain Education teacher training manual (available through our online training programs)
  • Wink: Children's Storybook Lessons (series)
  • Sam the Elf Phonics Readers (series)
  • Soul Bonding for Pregnancy (out of print)
  • Soul Bonding with Newborns and Infants (out of print)
  • Right Brain Music Play
  • TweedleWink Phonics Workbooks (series)
  • TweedleWink Math Workbook (series)
  • TweedleWink Letter Tracing Pencil Play (series)
  • The Number People: A Right Brain Multiplication Story
  • TweedleWink Art Coloring Book
  • TweedleWink Science Coloring Book
  • TweedleWink World Coloring Book
  • Smiley and Sara Bedtime Stories (Right Brain Great Me/Little Me Character-Building series)

Her most recent publications— The Gnome King, Poseidon's Daughter and The Prince of Air— are the first books in her Elemental Kingdom children’s book series. (We are currently using them in our Wink classes for speed reading play.)

Pamela is a mother of four and a grandmother, and currently lives in rural North Carolina with her husband and family.

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