A Warm Hello from Pamela

Welcome! TweedleWink is designed for parents and teachers of children ages 0-6, and those with special needs. Listen along as Pamela walks you through how the course is set up, what's included and how you can get started now, quickly and easily.

PLEASE NOTE: In this introduction, we mention the new Right Brain Education book and our TweedleWink flashcard program. Here are handy links to find out more about them!

New Book:

Right Brain Education: Changing the World One Heart at a Time - NEWLY UPDATED VERSION is available at our TweedleWink Centers and online at Amazon.

Flashcard Lessons:

  1. TweedleWink DVDs - 12-DVD library
  2. TweedleWink Flashcards To Go - Easy-Peasy Streamable Lessons
  3. TweedleWink Lessons at Home - Streamable Lessons PLUS a library of printable materials!

Learn more about our flashcard program here: www.rightbrainkids.com