TweedleWink Lessons at Home: Month 10

Early "Right Brain" Flashcard Lessons for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool-Age Children

The TweedleWink right-brain early learning program is designed to maximize your child's natural sponge-like learning state, beginning from birth. TweedleWink is a Montessori-inspired, heart-based approach to learning founded almost 30 years ago by Pamela Sue Hickein. It is designed to maximize your child’s mind during a very special “right brain window” of time when the brain is wide up to input of all kinds. Dr. Maria Montessori called it the "absorbent mind."

In our TweedleWink Lessons at Home, we build rich neural networks forming a mental library that includes Science, Math, Language, World Cultures, Music and much more — in a fun, loving environment.

Here's what your child will learn.

Here are this month's featured subjects.

Character-Building: Positive Affirmations

Vision: Eye Exercises

Vocabulary: Layers of the Atmosphere, Types of Satellites, Types of Rockets, Manned Orbital Spacecraft, Planetary Exploration, Reading Media, Part of a Computer, Parts of a Bird, Horses, Countries of the World (Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Africa, Central Africa)

World: Ethiopia (Amharic), Romania (Romanian), Bolivia (Spanish), Venezuela (Spanish)

Music: 3-Note Comparisons, Intervals, Chords

Reading: Word Building with Silent e; Whole Words (40 sight word shapes); Speed Reading Play (flashing words, phrases and sentences); Poetry by Tennyson, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Hugo

Math: Skip Counting Backwards by 8's, 9's and 10's; Equations

Science: World Climates, Elements of the Periodic Table: 61-70, World's Largest Mountain Ranges, The Conifer Seed Cycle

Art: Edgar Degas, Hindu Sacred Art, Raphael, Cake Decoration

How do I teach at home?

This easy-peasy course includes all that you need to teach your child at home, including:
  • 4 weekly flashcard videos (appropriate for all ages)
  • downloadable learning materials—right brain matching and memory cards
  • step-by-step lesson guides
  • activity pages (mazes, coloring, and more)

...and more!

Exclusive Right Brain Lesson Cards

This handy-dandy set includes printables (downloadable cards) for each and every subject, including:

  • Math
  • Language (phonics, sight words, corresponding pictures)
  • Character-Building (affirmations)
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music
  • Vocabulary-builders
  • World Cultures (and geography!)

BONUS materials include:

  • COLORING PAGES—for Science and Art
  • CLASSICAL MUSIC—learn about world famous composers!
  • MOTIVATIONAL STICKERS—just print, cut and affix to your child
  • SMILEY & SARA eBOOK—fun stories that teach your child virtues and values

Our learning courses will take you through each lesson, step by step. You'll be able to teach your child with each step—choose your pace, and select the activities that you and your child will most enjoy!

  1. Video Flashcards—just click and play!
  2. Whole Brain Matching Games
  3. "Where in the World" Geography Game
  4. Easy-Peasy Perfect Pitch Training
  5. Right Brain Photographic Memory Games
  6. Early Speed Reading Play

TweedleWink Lessons at Home will help you make the most out of your child's early years, nurturing IQ and EQ for whole-brain balance. :-)

Your Instructor

Pamela Sue Hickein
Pamela Sue Hickein

Pamela is the creator of the TweedleWink and Wink: Right Brain Education programs. Known fondly as “the mother of right brain education,” she has been happily sharing her unique form of Montessori-inspired right brain education with teachers and parents for almost 30 years.

Pamela believes that heart-based playful learning is vital not only for right brain development, but for lifelong health and happiness as well. When embraced, right brain thinking becomes a way of living, not just learning. Pamela has used these methods with children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech delays, ADD, ADHD, CP, DS, and various forms of autism. She has also successfully blended right-brain techniques with homeschool curricula and gifted learning programs.

Pamela has written numerous books and learning curricula, including:

  • Right Brain Education: Changing the World One Heart at a Time
  • TweedleWink Gentle Early Right Brain Enrichment Program: Prenatal to Preschool
  • Right Brain Activation: A Right Brain Tune-Up For Adults
  • Wink: Right Brain Education teacher training manual (available through our online training programs)
  • Wink: Children's Storybook Lessons (series)
  • Sam the Elf Phonics Readers (series)
  • Soul Bonding for Pregnancy (out of print)
  • Soul Bonding with Newborns and Infants (out of print)
  • Right Brain Music Play
  • TweedleWink Phonics Workbooks (series)
  • TweedleWink Math Workbook (series)
  • TweedleWink Letter Tracing Pencil Play (series)
  • The Number People: A Right Brain Multiplication Story
  • TweedleWink Art Coloring Book
  • TweedleWink Science Coloring Book
  • TweedleWink World Coloring Book
  • Smiley and Sara Bedtime Stories (Right Brain Great Me/Little Me Character-Building series)

Her most recent publications— The Gnome King, Poseidon's Daughter and The Prince of Air— are the first books in her Elemental Kingdom children’s book series. (We are currently using them in our Wink classes for speed reading play.)

Pamela is a mother of four and a grandmother, and currently lives in rural North Carolina with her husband and family.

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